Monday, September 10, 2012

September Meeting Rewind

Almost 100 attendees enjoyed the festivities, exhibits, and learning opportunities at our September meeting, where we celebrated the release of the 1940 US census. Thanks to Dianna Curtis and her team for providing  period food & hats! Another thanks to those who brought their memorabilia for display. Finally, a shout out to the wonderful swing dancers. It wouldn't have been the same without you.

Cafi Cohen presented the research class demonstrating Advanced Census Search tips. These included:

  • Browse rather than search  
  • Use multiple indexes
  • Use multiple search engines
  • Read search tips at each website
  • Use database-specific search screens
  • Massage the data input
  • Search without names 
  • Search the neighbors
  • Play with the names
  • Correlate with other records

Congratulations to Tim Tryon who won the census trivia contest, correctly answering 8 out of 8 census trivia questions. We will repost these questions on the genealogical society Facebook page for for those who want to see them again.

Janet Grummitt, Sharon Whitney, Tim Tryon, Joyce Bayless, Tom Gorham, Harry Schenck, and Cheryl Storton, presented their 1940 US census finds: they included . We especially enjoyed a photo of Tom Gorham's ancestor, George Sonnenberg, Sr., of San Miguel, who died in 1940. According to the 1940 census, he was the last surviving Civil War veteran in San Luis Obispo County.


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