Wednesday, April 29, 2015

                                           Saturday May 2, 2015
                                     IOOF Hall, 520 Dana Street, San Luis Obispo       
                                         Session 1 begins at 12:15                  Session 2 begins at 1:45

             Lisa Lee, Professional Genealogist
Session 1: Why You’re Probably Missing a Mother Lode of Information From City Directories and How To Turn it Around and Strike Gold 

Session 2: Three Common Dangers Family Historians Face That Cause Them to Struggle With Online Research – And How to Overcome These Forever  

Lisa B. Lee, professional genealogist, is owner of, a Web site designed to help genealogists make the most of their online searches. A graduate of the National Institute for Genealogical Studies (University of Toronto), she obtained her PLCGS with certificates in U.S., Canadian and Irish genealogy and methodology. Ms. Lee publishes monthly newsletter, the Got Genealogy Gazette, which is chock full of ways you can make the most of your online family research. She invites you to check out her Web site,, and join her on FaceBook at She may be contacted at 

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