Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pine Mountain Cemetery Project Completed!

Martha Graham and Shanda Grunkemeyer-Gibbs get ready to start "shooting."

We are pleased to announce the completion of the Pine Mountain (Atascadero) Cemetery Project.

A few statistics:

5,232 interments were indexed, 573 of which were new burials.

A total of 4,171 images were shot, including headstones and sections for identification.

L to R: Martha Graham, Dianna Curtis, Barbara Baranek, Jan Canigiula, Ingrid Penman, 
and Janet Grummitt get their assignments.

The Photographers: 

Dianna G Curtis, Barbara Baranek, Jan Canigiula, Barbara Castillo, Janet Grummitt, Shanda Grunkemeyer-Gibbs, Martha A Crosley Graham, Ingrid Penman, and Don Woodward.

The Database Crew:

Lorrie Akley, Claudia Collier, Dianna G Curtis, Tom Gorham, Martha A Crosley Graham, and Rich Miller

These great SLOCGS volunteers did an outstanding job. In just 3 months, the photos were shot, the index updated, and the "back work" of renaming the images, proofing the database, and updating the website was accomplished. The headstone images are being uploaded as this is published. 

Here is the updated website:

At the same time that Pine Mountain was being done, the Paso Robles Cemetery database was updated and completed.

We have one more large cemetery to complete: Arroyo Grande District Cemetery. With over 12,000 burials recorded in 1999, this one is by far the largest in the county.

Cayucos-Morro Bay Cemetery was photographed last spring. Rich Miller and Martha Graham are working on the update to the database - a little over 4,000 burials there.

My deepest thanks to all of the great volunteers in our genealogical society. You are the best!

Martha A Crosley Graham
Projects & Publications Chairman

*   *   *

For information about this project, please visit the Pine Mountain Cemetery web page, or contact Martha Graham directly. For a list of online resources provided by the SLOCGS, please visit our County Resources page.

Photos by Don Woodworth.

Copyright by © San Luis Obispo County Genealogical Society


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