Sunday, February 5, 2012

Great Feedback from "Genealogy NOW" Seminar Attendees!

Wonderful day -- the Genealogy NOW Seminar, February 4.

Comments from the evaluation forms:
  • "Great seminar -- staff did a super job."
  • "Good handouts; great refreshements."
  • "Love the projects displays.
  • "Thank you! This was a very valuable seminar."
  • "Everyone real friendly and helpful."
  • "Good job -- great choice of speakers; no dull topics." 
  • "Great organization."
  • "Learned a lot."
  • "This was my first SLOCGS experience --loved it!"
  • "Loved Pedigree Analysis and Finding European Ancestors because they got my brain going with strategies to solve some of my problems."
  • "Liked Tracing Common Surnames -- Jones rocks."
  • "Tom Jones is an excellent instructor. Some speakers are great genealogists who can't teach; he is an excellent genealogist who CAN teach. . . "
  • "Apryl Cox was brilliant and is a great teacher." 

Topics participants would like to see in the future:
  • Review of genealogy websites.
  • Scandavanian research
  • Putting together family books
  • Land records
  • California records, pre-statehood
  • Scottish research
  • German research
  • Eastern European research
  • Dating Photographs


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